We’ve attempted to research CSSD process in order to develop our products and create new innovation.

Upholding the operating principle of “We are professional in sterilization unit”. We source for materials with good quality in America, Europe and Asia.

In 2016, DHC Trading Ltd. was started up factory in Chonburi, Thailand for manufacturing some parts of products.

In 2017 we corporate with outstanding company in UK “ Curas ”  to focus on infection control. We’ve launched Hygiene Pulps into the market and urged the nurses to change from reusable bedside toiletry to be single use (www.curas.com)

Moreover, we have new partner “Isara ” which is the excellent computer software company to create a collaborative project “ DHC Label Software”. Because we aim to improve the standard of CSSD units in Thailand to have more efficiency.


“We are professional in Sterilization Units”